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The timebook file accessed by this download link is an Excel workbook which includes 27 spreadsheets, one for each pay period, with a spare for the rare year when there are 27 pay periods. The only required entries are the date and time you go on duty, the date and time you go off duty, and your pay rate. All overtime and daily guarantee payments will be computed automatically, assuming your first week shifts are entered in the first week, and second week shifts entered in the second week. All pay period beginning and ending dates in the workbook are calculated based on the entry in cell b2 of the 1st pay period. Dates should be entered in the mm/dd/yy format, and times should be entered in the hh:mm 24 hour format. Pay rates should be entered in the format without a dollar sign. Replace "Your Name Here" in cell b1 of the 1st pay period with your name. This entry will flow to the remaining 26 spreadsheets. I'd appreciate being notified if you find any glitches. This is the easterly view from Eagle River Bridge.

Ray Sanderford