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Articles Tentatively Agreed Upon

Preamble Scope

 Changes Affecting Assignments

 Layoff & Recall Cont. & Promotion & Qualif

Jurisdiction & Savings Clause

 Deadheading & Meal Periods

 Promotion & Qualification Continued

Rights of the Union Safety


 Training, Qualifying & Exams

Safety Continued & Bulletins and Assignments

 Seniority Continued

 Insurance Programs

Bulletins and Assignments Continued

 Sick Leave

 Insurance Cont. & Relocation Allowances

Bulletins and Assignments Continued

 Exercising Seniority

 Relocation Cont. & Annual Leave

Extra Board

 Exercising Seniority Cont. & Layoff & Recall

 Annual Leave Continued

Extra Board Continued

 Layoff & Recall Continued

 Used Off Assignment

ARRC's Last Offer On Articles Not Agreed Upon


 Road Service Continued


Wages Continued

 Laying Off/Reporting


Crew Consist

 Severance Pay


Crew Consist Continued

 Away From Home Terminal & Pension Plan


 401K Plan & Status of Employment

 Recognition & Duration and Scope


 Yard/Hostling Service



 Yard/Hostling Cont. & Management Rights



 Road Service



UTU's Last Offer On Articles Not Agreed Upon & Misc. Documents


 Laying Off/Reporting


Crew Consist



Road Service

 Duration and Scope


401K Savings Plan



Management Rights

Letter Regarding CSRS Employees Striking


 Away From Home Terminal

Dunnagan's Analysis of Letter Above


 Yard/Hostling Service



 Status of Employment