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A. The ARRC is committed to reducing employee injuries and occupational illness by carrying out all areas of its operation in the safest possible manner. The ARRC will exert every effort to provide and maintain safe working conditions and industrial health protection for all employees in compliance with applicable laws. The Union will work together with the ARRC to improve safety and industrial health condition of ARRC workplaces and will encourage all employees to work toward that end.

B. It is recognized that the ARRC management and its employees have a joint responsibility for the safety of ARRC employees and the public and shall observe all safety rules and practices to protect ARRC employees and the public. The ARRC will not encourage or expect employees to violate any operating or safety rule to perform their respective jobs. The ARRC will welcome in a positive manner, and be responsive to, suggestions from any individual or Union which offers ways to improving safety conditions.

C. The Union representative on the department safety committee shall meet with Union approval. The Union will be supplied with a copy of the monthly injury-illness statistical report and minutes of the labor/management safety meetings. The results of outside safety audits will be discussed at safety meetings.

D. The Union and the ARRC will make every effort to prevent accidents. Should accidents occur, the prime consideration will be the welfare and comfort of injured personnel. The names and locations of employees qualified to administer first aid shall be posted on all bulletin boards. The ARRC will provide required first aid equipment and training for all those requesting it.

E. An employee is required to report any injury or accident to the immediate supervisor as soon as the employee becomes aware of it so that the circumstances of the accident or injury may be properly investigated to prevent reoccurrence.

Employees injured at work will not be required to make accident reports before they are given medical attention, but will make them as soon as practicable thereafter. Proper medical attention will be given at the earliest possible moment to any injured employee.

F. All specialized protective equipment and training required by the ARRC will be provided, without cost, to the employee.

G In the event an employee is required to work in areas where safety conditions are in dispute or a concern, the employee shall explain to the supervisor these safety concerns, and if the safety concerns of the employee are not satisfied, they will be referred immediately to the department manager or designee who will make the determination. An ARRC supervisor or manager shall not place any employee in imminent risk of illness or injury. The Union shall have the right to challenge the decision through the grievance procedure.

  1. The emergency evacuation plans will be updated at least annually and each employee will receive a copy for their specific work location.
  2. Sufficient seats will be provided on engines for crew members. The current seat replacement program will continue.