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A. Lodging

1. The ARRC will provide lodging for employees released from duty or tied up at locations other than their home terminal. Comfortable and sanitary single rooms are provided for each employee tied up. The ARRC will endeavor to provide rooms with private baths.

2. Company Work train crews tied up at other than defined terminals will receive comfortable and sanitary single rooms with private baths, subject to availability.move to 20 A

B. Meal Allowance

Employees tied up at an away from home terminal are paid a twelve dollar and fifty cent ($12.50) meal allowance at four (4) hours and again every eight (8) hours until reporting for duty.

C. Automatically On Duty (AOD)

1. Employees tied up away from their home terminal are allowed Automatically On Duty Pay (AOD) at the applicable hourly rate starting sixteen (16) hours after tie-up and continuing for eight (8) hours or until reporting for duty.

2. Employees remaining tied up beyond twenty four (24) hours repeat the schedule established in C.,1, above, for each twenty four (24) hour period so held.

3. When employees report for duty AOD ends.


Tentative Agreement

For the ARRC______________________



For the UTU_______________________