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A. The management of the ARRC and the authority to execute all the various duties, functions and responsibilities incident thereto is vested in the ARRC. The exercise of such authority shall not conflict with this Agreement.

B. The ARRC shall have the right to make reasonable rules and regulations affecting the terms and conditions of employment and to change such rules and regulations and require compliance therewith. If the rule is not a reasonable rule or affects the employee's ability to earn a living, the Union may grieve the rule under the Grievance Procedure as provided in this Agreement. However, ARRC may not make unreasonable rules nor make any change that results in a decrease in wages or benefits. Further, the right to make and change reasonable rules and regulations shall not be exercised in a manner that will undermine the Union or as an attempt to evade the provisions of this Agreement or to violate the spirit, intent, or purposes of this Agreement.

C. There will be no change in any matter covered by this Agreement without the mutual consent of the parties. There will be no change in any matter involving wages and benefits without negotiations as required by law.

D. The ARRC will not enter into any agreement, written or verbal, with any bargaining unit member which concerns wages, hours, or terms and conditions of employment without the express written consent of the Union.

  1. This Agreement shall be interpreted and applied fairly and consistently pursuant to the common understandings and accepted general practices existing between the parties. Common understandings and accepted general practices form the basis of the relationship between the parties, and such understandings and practices are part and parcel of the rights protected by this Agreement, whether or not expressly set out herein, and those rights and understandings may be fully adjusted and adjudicated pursuant to the Grievance Procedure set out elsewhere herein.





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